Thursday, 9 November 2017

Advanced Demarc Extensions for Data Network Wiring

In this article I will provide an overview of the demarc extensions we see as a communications contractor and the necessary information needed to have a successful project. There are many more components and factors involved in demarc extension management and installation we will post as time goes on. The big push in demarc extensions right now is extending multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic cables (where fiber is available) from the MPOE to the server room or data center for increased bandwidth needs.  We are seeing speeds from 10 megs to 10 gigs being ordered by the users and serviced by the carriers and service providers.  There are many ways demarc extension services are handed off by the carrier (type of connection at your facility) and this is a critical piece of information in the ordering of your service(s). The earlier you engage your communications contractor in the process of this project the more success you will have with a seamless demarc extension.  

Critical Components for a successful demarc extension:
  • Your carrier/service provider and communications contractor.
  • Correct info from the carrier for the circuit AND the right type of hand-off installed.
  • The on-site physical information needed to perform the work – i.e. circuit ID’s.
  • Access to the necessary rooms to install the cabling for the demarc extension
  • The right components installed for your type of circuit(s).
  • Certified test results for the demarc extension cabling installed.
Some Types of Demarc Extensions

Cat 6 Demarc Extension

The types of demarc extension services being performed are vast.  All data demarc extensions are dependent, once again, on the type of service ordered and the hand-off being delivered by the service provider.  For copper or Cat 6 demarc extensions there are 4 pairs in a typical Cat 6 cable.  Each pair can carry a demarc extension as a stand-alone service,or multiple pairs (and potentially multiple Cat 6 cables) can be bonded together to provide the level of bandwidth you have ordered. 

Fiber Demarc Extension

Fiber demarc extensions are typically high bandwidth (100 meg – 40 gig) cabling projects or where fiber is needed in areas where the distance for copper is just too far away from the service locations on each end. The key to fiber is knowing the specific type of fiber AND the type of connector/plug the carrier will provide when they “hand-off’ the fiber service at your

There is much more to know about this type of demarc extension and we cover this in additional media.

Here is an example of a successful fiber demarc extension, see images below:

(a) End                          (z) end

Technically, this is a 6 strand OM3 ONFR fiber demarc extension at 800 feet. This cable is indoor/outdoor rated cable installed underground through 2 handholes from one building to another. This particular fiber demarc extension will provide up to 1 gig of bandwidth between locations (a) and (z).The 2 black corning boxes on the walls are holding the fiber installed for this demarc extension.

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